KNOWMAK will help you explore Europe's research and innovation output


All deliverables listed below will be updated step by step, with the advancement of the project:

  • The KNOWMAK manual (KNOWMAK deliverable D5.2) provides an overall description of the architecture of the KNOWMAK tool and of its components. It is therefore the essential reading for those interested in the project as a whole (download).
  • The following technical deliverables are available as well:
    • D2.2 Report on the ontology and tagging (download main document and/or the extension).
    • D3.1 Report on database enhancements and tagging (download).
    • D5.1 Report on actor standardisation (download).
    • D6.1 Report on the design of the infrastructure (download).
    • D7.1 Report on user engagement and the user scenarios (download).
    • D7.2 Report on the pilot website and visualisation environment (download).