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KNOWMAK successfully concluded its project activities

With the very positive feedback from the reviewers, the KNOWMAK project has successfully concluded its project activities! The project team can look back on three years of fruitful collaboration. The project had set out to create the KNOWMAK tool to provide to users an interactive interface where they can explore the knowledge co-creation in the European Research Area at different level of aggregation in terms of topics, geographical spaces, and organisations. The tool offers the following innovative characteristics: A user-centred design based on user needs and a close collaboration with lead user groups. The use of a textual ontology to explore topics in the knowledge co-creation process across different data sources. The integration of all data around three dimensions, i.e. topics, organisations, and geographical spaces. The extension beyond classical data sources, i.e. scientific publications, patent applications, and joint EU project … Read more

Key achievements in the first two project years

In 2018, the project has made major progress towards the further development of the KNOWMAK tool. Milestones include: An operational version of the tool is now online at . This version provides first insights into the data through ‘data stories’ and interactive maps and visualization of knowledge production. A working version of the ontology for Key Emerging Technologies and Societal Grand Challenges has been developed and allowed producing fine-grained indicators at the topical level. The three ‘classical’ data sources (WoS scientific publications, EU-FP projects and patents) have been consistently tagged with the ontology and geocoded, allowing the production of regional and topic-level indicators. The harmonization of public-sector actors in the three ‘classical’ data sources has been completed and is ready to be integrated in the tool. A first release of the European Social Innovation Database (ESID) is now available … Read more

KNOWMAK Term Extraction work presented at Semantics 2018 Conference

A paper by Ziqi Zhang, Johann Petrak, and Diana Maynard with the title “Adapted TextRank for Term Extraction: A Generic Method of Improving Automatic Term Extraction Algorithms” was presented at SEMANTiCS 2018 (Vienna, Austria, September 10-13 2018). SEMANTiCS is an international conference on Linked Data and Semantic AI, bringing together technology professionals, industry experts, researchers and decision makers. This year there were 102 presentations, 4 keynote talks, and an acceptance rate for long papers of 28 %. The paper describes a method for improving automatic term extraction by using domain-relevant seed terms. In the KNOWMAK project, automatic term extraction is an important part of the process of ontology development, because these terms are used to map between topics and data (publications, patents and projects) in order to create the indicators. ATE (Automatic Term Extraction) is a fundamental Natural Language Processing … Read more

KNOWMAK Ontologies at the EuroScience Open Forum in Toulouse

ESOF (EuroScience Open Forum) is the largest interdisciplinary science meeting in Europe, focusing on scientific research and innovation. The 2018 event was held in Toulouse, France, from 9-14 July, and attracted over 4000 attendees, comprising a mixture of scientists, innovators, policy makers, industrials and the general public. As part of this event, Philippe Laredo chaired a panel session on Science and innovation policymaking in an era of digital government, focusing on semantic approaches, featuring talks from the OECD, the OST, NESTA, as well as a talk on ontologies and semantic technologies in KNOWMAK by Diana Maynard. The session was attended by various high-profile policymakers and innovators, and some lively discussion ensued about advances in the field!

KNOWMAK at the STI 2018 Conference in Leiden (NL) on Sep. 13, 2018

KNOWMAK has secured a slot at STI2018 to launch the KNOWMAK tool! This will mark the first release of the KNOWMAK tool to the public. This year’s focus of the STI Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation “indicators in transition” is an ideal opportunity to launch the KNOWMAK tool, which is all about indicators and about making it easy for its users to explore Europe’s knowlege output. The 2018 STI conference will be held 12-14 September 2018 in Leiden (The Netherlands) in collaboration with the European Network of Indicator Developers (ENID), and will be hosted by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University. This edition will have a special focus on the discussion of “indicators in transition” as a driving force for more comprehensive, broader and socially oriented forms of Science, Technology and Innovation indicators and … Read more